Hemway Glitter Paint Additive is one of the easiest ways to take your decorating projects up a notch and add some extra glitz and glamour to your home.

We have five different sizes of glitter ranging between 0.1mm and 1mm in diameter and over 40 colours to choose from in 100g packets.

Things You'll Need

  • Hemway Glitter Paint Additive
  • Water-Based Emulsion Paint
  • Masking Tape
  • Dust Sheets
  • Mohair Paint Roller
  • Paint Rolling Tray
  • Primer Paint if required
  • Bucket, Soap & Cloth

Prepare The Wall


Examine the surface of your wall for bumps, holes and flaking paint. Use filler for any cracks and holes then allow to dry before sanding down the surface before sealing with sealant. You can use a scraper to even the surface in the case of flaking paint and bumps. Take care and wear the appropriate gloves, masks and goggles.


It may be a good idea to rub the walls down with sandpaper if your previous paint is satin or gloss, use gentle presure in a circular motion to create a layer that paint can stick to.


Using soap and water you will want to clean your wall of any dirt and dust, wiping the wall clean a final time with water. Take care of any electrical connections.


Once the wall is dry you'll prep your area for painting, covering switches, sockets, skirting boards and floor with masking tape and dustsheets. If you're painting a different colour to adjacent walls or ceilings run a good quality masking tape along the edges so you get a nice, clean finish. It is a good idea to reapply masking tape between coats of paint as to not let the adhesive stick and remove paint.


Now its time to start painting. Use a primer if painting over a darker colour, a grey one is recommended as it is easier to cover.

Prepare Your Glitter Paint


Pour your Hemway Glitter into the water-based paint with a ratio of 100g/1 litre (3.5oz/quart), we recommend using Hemway Chalk Paint for best results.


Stir well until your glitter and paint is thoroughly incorporated.


Pour some of the glitter mixed paint into the deep side of a roller tray, then dab your roller brush into the paint and using the trays' drain away roll your brush to ensure even coverage of paint on the roller. We advise using a mohair roller, but a foam roller will also work.


If it is your first time using the paint we recommend doing a patch test to make sure you are happy with the colour of the paint and glitter contrast.


Start applying your paint to your wall in a 'W' or 'M' motion, you can use a smaller roller or a small brush for edges and corners.


Now is a good time to put the kettle on while your paint is drying.


If the wall needs another coat, now is a good time to apply. Two coats are usually recommended but check the directions of your paint for guidance.


After around 4 hours your paint should be dry to touch by now, at which point you can carefully remove the masking tape but leave the dustsheets down for the next step.


Once you are happy that the paint is fully dry it is time to bring out the shimmer! Using your Hemway Glitter Paint Buffing Pads, lightly rub your glitter paint in a circular motion to knock the paint heads off the glitter crystals so they can catch the light and flicker for the world to see.


Photograph your work, share it with your friends, family and the wider Hemway community by using #Hemway hashtag. We love seeing what you paint and we might even give you a shout out!

By Paddy West
Published: 26 Jul 2023

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