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Satin Glitter Lacquer 1 Litre / Quart


Glitter Colour

Satin Glitter Lacquer

Satin Glitter Lacquer comes in 24 stunning hypnotic satin colours, ready for next day delivery and made to add a touch of class and excitement to almost any surface indoor or outdoor, not to mention protecting chalk paint finished surfaces. Incredibly, Satin Glitter Lacquer can be used on furniture, fencing, woodwork, brick, plastic, ceramic tiles and even metal.

As a best seller and definitive market leader, Satin Glitter Lacquer will allow you to define your style and expand your home décor experience. It will dazzle and shine throughout your house leaving the results endless in the colour combinations possible. It even comes “Holographic” which causes a rainbow effect by the effect of the holographic crystals diffracting white light and splitting it into a colour spectrum. Honestly, the results are sensational.

The ease of using Satin Glitter Lacquer and a speedy 2-hour dry-time means that even the most novice of home décor enthusiasts can turn their hand at creating the limitless possibilities that it creates. Not only this, but Satin Glitter Lacquer is the market leading and world’s first Satin Glitter Lacquer to offer “non-bleed and non-rust” particles! That means that not only will the effect be to professional top-quality standards, but also will perform well over time.

For those of you who like to know where your home décor products originate from the answer is, as with all Hemway’s high quality product, Satin Glitter Lacquer is made in the UK using the finest of glitter. It is safe for even the smallest of home decorators, carrying the child safety standard EN71-3 and it’s chemical proof and safe for your four-legged friend, so Satin Glitter Lacquer is even useable on children’s toys and pet products.

Is it sticky?

No it is not sticky, nor is it slippery.

Will it stain other items?

No it will not stain, it leaves a crystal clear transparent protectant, with the base colour been the same as what it was before it was painted onto, with added glittery effect of your choice.

What is the difference between Satin and Matt?

Matt is a non-shine finish, whereas Satin has a slight sheen to it.

How many different glitter colours do you have for this product?

We have around 25 different glitter colour effects available for this product. We decided to give the option to our customers, so they can be completely satisfied with their chosen glitter product.

Can the lacquer be used outside?

Yes, it is a very unique product in the fact that it can be used both indoors and outdoors. Once dry it can withstand heavy outdoor weathering. It can also withstand, liquid spillages like coffee, coke, and alcohol. It's a very exclusive versatile product.

Can I use this to add glitter my hairbrush and accessories?

Indeed you can! It is hard wearing, so it can be painted directly onto your hairbrush, dressing table, shoes, metal, wood, ceramic tiles. It has a wide range of uses, one of the best things is that it carries a British Standard European Norm certification (BS EN71-3 – Child Toy Safety Standard) – this means it can be used to glitter up almost anything with hardwearing properties.

Can I use this bathroom / kitchen installed tiles, to create a glittering effect?

Yes you can. Make sure your tiles are prepped first, by drying and making fully clean before coating. Once coated allow a 4 hours before exposing to water.

But will the glitter lacquer wash off?

No it won't. Its hardwearing properties will make this the perfect product for adding sparkle to ceramic tiles. It has engulfed waterproof technology, as well as chemical resistant to most chemicals.

I’ve heard it can be painted onto metal / wooden fencing to glittery up my garden?

This is one of the main reasons why this product was developed. We had a lot of people asking if we had anything that could glitter up their garden fencing and outdoor accessories. Back then we did not, until the collated with our specialist laboratory team, and came up with these amazing indoor and outdoor lacquers! So the answer to your question, yes it can be painted directly onto outdoor wooden / metal fencing.

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