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Glitter Paint Additive 100g / 3.6oz


Glitter Colour

Transform your interior with our high quality, easy to use Glitter Paint Additive

Revolutionise your home décor with our stunning Glitter Paint Additive. Made from the finest ingredients, sourced from only the highest quality, UK based suppliers, this is a product you can rely on.

Available in our full range of 24 stunning colours, you can play safe with a subtle silver, or go bold with our daring reds, pinks and greens. Whatever your style, whatever your home décor, at Hemway, we have a colour for you!

As with all of Hemway’s products, our Glitter Paint Additive is super easy to use. Simply add a 100g packet in the colour of your choice to a 1.5 litre tub of paint, give it a good stir, and paint straight onto your wall. It really is that simple.

Furthermore, with our completely non-toxic design, you can have complete peace of mind while you decorate. In addition, our unique “colourfast” and “fade resistant” technology means your walls will look stunning for years to come.

Also, due to its “non-bleed” and “non-rust” particles, Hemway’s Glitter Paint Additive won’t affect the efficacy of your paint. So get creative, pick your colour and get decorating!

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Got a question about our Glitter Paint Additive? Contact our friendly Customer Support Team for more information, or check out some of our other fantastic products.

Whether it’s dead flat, matt, soft sheen or silk, add me to any type of emulsion paint for instant results. Feeling adventurous? Experiment by mixing me with other colours for special results.

All paint is special and unique, so try and test before going the whole hog.

  • Clean your walls of dust and dirt with a gentle wipe over.
  • Add the glitter to your paint and stir away for 1 minute.
  • Use your sponge roller (or wide bristle paintbrush), remove the excess, and apply it in a criss-cross motion. If glitter gathers in certain areas, press hard until it spreads.
  • Allow 4 hours to fully dry.
  • To give it more sparkle, add another coat once the first coat fully dries.

What is buffing?

A quick and simple process that increases glitter coverage. By lightly rubbing a green nylon scourer over the dry painted surface, thousands more crystals are released by knocking the head of the paint off.

Can I use any type of emulsion paint?

Yes. Whether you're working with dead flat, matt, soft sheen or silk, all work amazingly well. However, try to avoid using 'one coat', kitchen & bathroom, endurance, durable and acrylic eggshells.

I've used different brands of glitter paint from B&Q without success. What makes yours different?

We created a side-by-side comparison of our product and B&Q's, and 9 times out of 10, ours were favoured. Our products contain a PTFE type coating, a unique addition that results in the glitter rising naturally to the surface, creating a greater effect.

Are PTFE type coatings safe to use around children?

Completely. At Hemway, we put health and safety as our top priority. PTFE is perfectly harmless, and is used in many everyday products such as Teflon non-stick pans. It is even used for coating medical equipment, as it is extremely effective in fighting bacteria.

How does the holographic rainbow effect work?

Quite simply, the crystals diffract white light, splitting it into a brilliant colour spectrum. This is why you see the rainbow of different colours.

Does lighting affect the glitter walls?

It is worth nothing that lighting makes a huge difference in how your final project looks. We recommend an overhead light to give the best effect, or using lighting that is visible on the walls.

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