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Chalk Paint 1 Litre / Quart


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Chalk Paint

Hemway Chalk paint is a decorative paint that can be used on walls and furniture. It very rarely requires any preparation, such as sanding and priming, and can be used indoors or outside on just about any surface. It can revitalise old furniture, walls, ceilings and floors with ease.

Renovate and transform your walls or furniture with Hemway’s premium chalk finish paint. This will give you a classic, smooth touch, flat matt finish. To create a distressed look, simply apply two contrasting colour coats, then use sand paper or scouring pad when the paint is dry.

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Got a question about our Clear Glitter Paint Glaze? Contact our friendly Customer Support Team for more information, or check out some of our other fantastic products.

We recommend using a brush or roller. Use a 2-3inch paint brush, applying a criss-cross motion to give an even spread. Allow 2 hours to dry between coats.

The chalk paint is non-solvent, but ensure good ventilation when applying. Child safe once dry. Not recommended for outdoor use, unless coated with Hemway Clear Varnish Lacquer, you may also use this to protect indoors.

If you would like to add a glitter sparkle effect to your dried finished project, use Hemway Clear Glitter Glaze or Hemway Clear Glitter Varnish Lacquer (various glitter colours available with both products).

Can I paint my walls and furniture with Hemway Chalk Paint?

Yes you can! We have developed it for painting walls & furniture. The chalk paint is fairly thick, which means you generally just need one coat! You can paint onto both old and new walls and furniture, to create depth and interest with a light texture. Simply apply one or more coats of Hemway Chalk Paint with a brush or roller, then let dry.

Can I write on it with chalk?

Hemway Chalk Paint is not the same as chalkboard paint. They’re two completely different products. If you want to write on it with chalk, you’re looking for chalkboard paint.

Do I need to sand and/or use a primer first?

Typically, no. Can be painted straight onto most surfaces without sanding or priming. Smooth flat touch finish, apply directly onto walls, furniture, wood, brick, stone, plaster, plastic or metal. Sometimes you may need to prime and/or sand before painting. You have to assess each piece individually. Recommendations when need to sand/prime; existing paint job is sloppy with drip marks. When existing paint is chipping. There are scratches or imperfections in the wood that need smoothing out before painting.  The existing finish is extremely shiny and slick, its best to rough it up with a quick sanding by hand or use an electric sander, even though it’s probably not necessary.

Can I thin out the paint?

Yes you can! Hemway’s Chalk Paint is pretty thick. You can pour some paint into a cup and add water until it’s the consistency you need. There’s no right or wrong amount of water to use, but you really only need a little.  The advantage of adding water is it makes the paint easier to brush on, and your finish will be smoother.

Do I have to seal my finished project with wax or varnish Lacquer?

No you don’t need to wax or varnish. You do not have to protect chalk painted walls. It is to your discretion if you decide to protect a chalk paint furniture piece. We personally recommend using Varnish, over using wax. Wax is not as durable, nor long lasting like varnish, for this reason we have our own Hemway Clear Varnish Lacquer and Hemway’s Clear Glitter Varnish Lacquer. Our Varnish’s are water based, unlike oil-based varnish’s which will yellow over time, and water-based is a million times easier to clean up.

If I want a distressed look, do I sand before or after I apply my topcoat?

First, it depends on what your topcoat is. If you’re using a varnish, you definitely want to distress first.  If you’re using wax, then technically you can distress before or after waxing.  We recommend to always distress before waxing / varnishing.

Are Hemway Chalk Paints and Varnish Lacquer’s safe for use on baby cribs & children’s bedrooms?

Absolutely yes! Hemway Chalk Paint, Hemway Clear Varnish Lacquer & Clear Glitter Varnish Lacquer are all EN71 part 3 certified safe and non-toxic to use on walls and furniture destined for baby and child use.

What type of brush should I use to apply Hemway Chalk Paint?

Hemway’s Oval Pure Bristle Brushes are excellent for applying both Hemway Chalk Paint and Hemway Clear Varnish Lacquer / Clear Glitter Varnish Lacquer. These brushes give you the freedom to paint expressively, they hold lots of paint, and they are comfortable to hold and easy to work with.

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