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Our Glitter and Pigment Tubes Full Collection includes 205 glitter tubes, 41 colours x 5 glitter sizes and 34 pigment colours.

 100% Cosmetic Grade

Can be used in Hair, Makeup, Body, Face, Nails, Art, Cosmetics, Epoxy!

 Cosmetic Skin Safe

 100% non-toxic 

 Child safe

 Waterproof, Colourfast® & fade resistant 

 £202 saving!

This full collection is ideal to fully kit out nail salons to ensure there are colours available to satisfy every customers needs! Our Glitters and Pigment tubes can also be used for cosmetics, crafts, epoxy, art, hair, body, makeup, and beards, to add that extra sparkle!

Hemway Glitter Dust and Pigment Tubes are of premium quality and include a range of 41 beautiful colours. Our Tubes are the largest range of colours and sizes you’ll find online, with 34 pigment colours and 41 glitter colours to choose from.

Our Powder Pigments have not been chemically dyed, a process that is often used in cheaper, poor quality powders.

By buying this Full Tube Collection you are saving 20% (£202)

About the Product

• 41 Glitter Colours

• 5 Glitter Sizes

• 34 Pigment Colours

• Non-Toxic

• Child Safe

• Colourfast & Fade Resistant

• Non-bleed & non-rust glitter

How to Use


Mix the glitter or pigment into an acrylic top coat, clear gel coat or a clear varnish and then apply


Can be easily applied using a multipurpose balm for an easy and comfortable application. Apply with your fingertips or a brush and remove using a wet wipe remover.

Can also be sprinkled into glues and fixing gels for use of face, eye area, skin, body, fabrics, clothing (fancy dress, dance costumes), beards, temporary tattoos.

Hair, skin, eye area, face, body, etc - Use alongside your favourite Vaseline or glitter pic glue for a long lasting all night look.

Arts & Crafts

Simply sprinkle over glue, shake away the spares and watch the sparkly magic happen!


Recommended mixing ratio is 100g per 1 Litre of Epoxy Resin

First of all, pour the glitter / pigment into the resin product & mix thoroughly for 1 minute. Once you are happy with the glitter / pigment to resin ratio, you can then apply the hardener.

For any project, we recommend to do a trial test before hand to ensure you are happy with the results before carrying on with your full project.


205 glitter tubes ( 41 colours.x 5 sizes) 12.8g each .
34 Pigment Tubes 3.9g each

Additional Info | FAQs


Is Hemway glitter and pigments child safe?

Yes, our glitter and pigments are 100% child safe, non-toxic, skin safe & certified

Is Hemway glitter waterproof?

Our glitters are fully waterproof, we use a special PTFE coating to ensure our glitter can be used in a water application

Will Hemway glitter and pigments leak colour?

We guarantee that our glitter and pigments will not leak colour like other cheaper priced glitters and pigments. We have done various tests and have certification to prove you are buying nothing less than premium. Over time “normal” glitters and pigments leak colour, and their sparkle effect diminishes, Hemway glitter does not!

Are PTFE type coatings safe to use around children?

Indeed they are! They are used in many non-stick coatings for pots and pans eg.Teflon. In addition, they are used for coating some medical equipment because bacteria's find it hard to attach. We have certification to go with our product, stating it is child safe.

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