Automotive Glitter Flake ULTRAFINE 1/128" 0.008" 0.2mm



Glitter Colour
Silver Holographic
Baby Blue
Baby Pink
Black Holographic
Dark Rose
Gold Holographic
Gold Silver
Gold Silver Holographic
Lime Green
Rose Gold
Rose Gold Holographic
Rose Pink
Rose Pink Holographic
Sand Gold
Sapphire Blue
Turquoise Holographic
Lime Green Holographic
Red Holographic
Copper Holographic
Sapphire Blue Holographic
Bronze Holographic
Purple Holographic
Gun Metal Holographic

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Glam Your Ride with Hemway Auto Glitter Flake

  • Professional Grade Quality
  • Heat Resistant Up to 240 degrees C
  • Child Safe & Non-Toxic
  • Can Use with Casting Resins, Gelcoats & even Powder Coating
  • Colourfast Guarantee

Automotive Glitter Flake comes in 30+ dazzling colours ready on a next day delivery, this being your go-to for adding a sensational decretive finish to any automotive including cars, trucks, modified cars, bikes, motorcycles and vans.

About the Product

Automotive Glitter is a unique solvent resistant glitter that can be sprayed dry through a dry flake gun or mixed in your final clear coat, but for the best finishes mix the flakes in a colour blender and away you go. The introduction of Automotive Glitter Flakes is a new and exciting automotive décor experience that allows more people than ever before to bespoke-design their rides ensuring a completely personally customised professional finish at home.

Let the creative genius in you come to life using the Glitter Flakes many options, such as mixing colours and overlaying and blending tones to achieve simply outstanding results. You don’t have to be a professional to use it. Switching between the Holographic Flake and the Standard Flake, layering a base colour to a contrasting top coat to create an individual rainbow colour effect shows how simple and easy it is to use Hemway’s Automotive Glitter Flakes.

As with all Hemway’s products, top professional quality comes at great value and you don’t even pay for the packaging with Automotive Glitter Flakes. This product is an evolutionary radical addition to the basic automotive paint market meaning the availability of such an intelligent product is the first of its kind. Being heat-resistant at up to 240-degrees Centigrade means the stunning colours wont fade with heat or sun exposure and allows the customer to use the product in casting resins, gelcoats and even powder coating.

Automotive Glitter Flakes comes with colourfast guarantee, which ensures the colours stay true for longer, nor does the colour fade, bleed, rust or fade. Being child safe and non-toxic, you can even create a beautiful and unique colour design on your child’s automotive items such as bikes.

How to Use

The flakes can be sprayed dry through a dry flake gun, or mixed in your final clear coat but for best finishes mix the flakes in a colour blender. Mix colours, overlay, blend - the sky is the limit, if you've never had a go at using flakes in your projects, have a go even a beginner can get an outstanding result. Can be used in 2 Pac paints as well as acrylic paints.


Package contains 1 x pack of 100g/50g Hemway Auto Flake in chosen glitter colour. You do not pay for the packaging!

Additional Info

You do not pay for the packaging. Consider your base colour and contrast your flake colours for the best results!

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Caitlin H.
United Kingdom

Success is putting it too mildly!

Even before using this item I was very impressed with the service. Very informed, and excellent communication throughout the shipping process made it very easy to know when this was arriving and therefore planning to do the work was easy. The glitter is of great quality and colour, and comes in a resealable bag so can be stored without fear of wasting product! It applies brilliantly through an ordinary spray gun, and has given a brilliant sparkle. We have many more plans for this glitter and I am so excited to carry on using it!

Caitlin H. verified customer review of Automotive Glitter Flake ULTRAFINE 1/128 0.008 0.2mm
Steve W.
United Kingdom

Make it sparkly

Nice fine media. I mixed 100g to 1l of clear ratio. This has given me just the right amount of sparkle for the job.

Jodie B.
United States


It was great. Loved it. Looked amazing

David S.
United States

Looks and priced great

So I do paint cars but I mainly paint bicycle frames. The auto flake 0.008 flowed great thru my Hvlp 1.3-2.0. I paint my bikes with a mini gun with a 0.8 tip it does spray fine when open 50% + but I spray very low so it’s a little finicky but great flake will buy again and I will tell all. Took about 2 weeks to get I mail make sure to put that in your time line.

David S. verified customer review of Automotive Glitter Flake ULTRAFINE 1/128 0.008 0.2mm
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