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Hemway Pigment Powder Tube Full Collection - All Colours 34 x 3.9g

Our Pigment Tubes Full Collection includes 34 pigment colours.

 100% Cosmetic Grade

 Can be used in Hair, Makeup, Body, Face, Nails, Art, Cosmetics, Epoxy!

 Cosmetic Skin Safe

 100% non-toxic 

 Child safe

 Waterproof, Colourfast® & fade resistant 

✰ £15.30 saving!

This full pigment collection is ideal to fully kit out nail salons to ensure there are colours available to satisfy every customers needs! Our Pigment tubes can also be used for cosmetics, crafts, epoxy, art, hair, body, makeup, and beards!

Hemway Pigment Tubes are of premium quality and include a range of 34 beautiful colours. Our Pigment Tubes are the largest range of colours you’ll find online, with 34 pigment colours to choose from.

Our Powder Pigments have not been chemically dyed, a process that is often used in cheaper, poor quality powders.

By buying this Full Pigment Tube Collection you are saving 10% (£15.30)