We are very excited to introduce our brand new range of sealants, including a world first: Glitter Sealant. This new range of sealant products will provide our customers with more creative options on their DIY journey.

From on-trend, anthracite grey to holographic glitter, available in both silver and black, you'll have the freedom to tailor your home in a unique and stylish way that will make you the envy of your friends.

Glitter Sealant is only available at Hemway, so make sure you check out our store to get your hands on it.

Silver Glitter Sealant
Silver Glitter Sealant


Not only are Hemway colour and glitter sealants great looking, they are packed full of features that make them far superior to other sealant brands. 

Premium All-In-One Glitter Sealant & Adhesive by Hemway uses the most advanced polymer technology for sealing and bonding. It is the next generation of all-in-one sealant and adhesive, with a revolutionary formulation that combines the flexibility of silicone predecessors, the paintability features of acrylic caulk and the ultra-high strength grab of adhesives.

Silver Glitter Sealant


The Glitter Sealant & Adhesive is ideal for use in areas of high humidity and condensation environments. It is food industry approved for sealing and bonding areas for preparing foodstuff. 

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By Paddy West
Published: 26 Jul 2023

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