Hemway Chalk Paint

Discover a world of colour all at the stroke of a brush using Hemway Chalk Paint in 116 sensational, classic tones.

Transform your home into a royal chateau deep in the heart of the French countryside by using Hemway's rich and deep earthy tones such as Dark Skies, Denim and Olive with a smooth and flawless finish suitable for any king or queen. Or turn your apartment into a sunny, breezy maisonette overlooking the bustling streets of Paris by choosing Hemway Chalk Paint In a warm and light colour palate in Lemon Chiffon, Peaches Cream or Magnolia. Create a stunning modern simplistic feel throughout your home instantly transporting your surroundings to a downtown LA condo by selecting one of Hemway's cool and crisp colour shades ideally in Stone, White or Dove Grey. With 116 state of the art colours, create any ambiance you desire.

You can not only bring the inside of your house alive by using Hemway Chalk Paint but this multifunctional product can be used on just about any outside surface so the possibilities are endless. Home decorators are now masters or their own destiny not only putting brush to walls but by transforming old worn furniture to match their surrounds and with Hemway Chalk Paint the sky is the limit and beyond. For a home that wouldn't look a miss gracing the pages of Home magazine use Hemway Chalk Paint to bring old surfaces back to life. No longer is home design left to the professionals with access to easy to use products such as Chalk Paint as part of the extensive range of products that Hemway can offer us we can all become home décor extraordinaries. Just a warning - you may get asked by all your friends to design and decorate their homes too!

For those wishing to take the texture and tone to the next level, apply two contrasting colours such as a warm and a cool tone in opposite tones on the colour wheel. Grab your sand paper and create all new texture to the surfaces. Now for the technical element - with minimal preparation required and only 1 coat needed due to the high quality and dense properties of the patented technology Chalk Paint is the perfect in house product. This coupled with the paint being child safe and holds British Standard EN number makes Hemway Chalk Paint a market leader. As a nation of next day delivery enthusiasts if you order your Chalk Paint before 2pm you will receive your Chalk Paint the very next day so you can transform your space into a party palace or peaceful retreat in time for the weekend.

As with all of Hemway products there is a dedicated friendly customer support team ready and waiting to take your calls and queries from design and colour advice through to delivery and shipping don't hesitate to pick up the phone and share your ideas with us.

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