Glitter Chalk Paint

Transform interiors and furniture with Hemway Glitter Chalk Paint

Glitter and sparkle is fast becoming a fun, exciting and creative way to enhance and embellish just about any surface or furniture item in the home. Using Hemway's Glitter Chalk Paint is taking the run of the mill home décor to new and futuristic levels that will leave your guests desperate to know who "did your home". The secret of course is that you "did your home" with little preparation and even on a next day delivery you can transform your plain walls into a fusion of beauty and elegance all with the swish of a brush dispersing missions of glitter crystals onto your chosen surface, a lot like magic. Hemway has become your fairy godmother for all things home décor but with the addition to the already brilliant home décor family Glitter Chalk Paint will bring the ball too you. With over 350 combinations to choose from you really can become the belle of the ball without needing a fairy coach or to return at midnight. Be it designing a stunning dressing room to showcase your shoes, bags and dresses In Gold Silver Holographic or Lavender or one for the boys to give the games room a real life 3d lift chose from one of Hemway's bright Lime Green or Sapphire Blue to bring the fantasy to the home.

Hemway Glitter Chalk Paint

Bring the Glitter party outdoors for your neighbours to admire your handy work because Hemway's Glitter Chalk can be used on just about any surface area to give a Glitter sparkle matt finish. Should you wish to add even more depth and range of glitter simply use Hemway's Clear Glitter Glaze or Hemway's Clear Glitter Varnish Lacquer in which even more glitter colours are available with both products. For the child in all of us create bespoke stencil colours and shapes in contrasting glitter tones to bring out a magical surprise with the reassurance that in children’s rooms Glitter Chalk Paint is toxin and odour free ensuring a safe sleep under the stars.

Add a touch of glamour to old furniture shabby chic has been reinvented into beautiful, sophisticated and sensational chic. You may want to keep Hemway's Glitter Chalk Paint a secret but your friends will want to know how you created such a luxurious and decedent finish but don’t worry with so many combinations to choose from your friends will create their own unique finish. With only 2 hours dry time and If you order by 2pm you will receive next day delivery of your patented non-bleed and non-fade technology infused paint perfect for shimmering into the weekend. Hemway's Glitter Chalk paint can be painted straight onto most surfaces without the need to sand or prime making home décor easier than ever before.

Here at Hemyway's head office a team of professional paint experts are on hand to individually create your order who will mix your chosen colours of Glitter Chalk Paint up for you here In the UK to ensure top class customer service and delivery.

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