glitter paint

Hemway's Glitter Paint additive into our Chalk Paint or any other water based paint. Choose from over 40 fascinating glitter colours and our wide selection of 24 vibrant and rich paint colours!
(make sure to mix the paint from time to time to avoid the glitter dropping to the bottom)

Paint! The glitter's non-fade and colourfast technology makes it suitable for any type of room. Make sure to cover the floor with old newspaper and towels. We reccomend mixing 100g of Glitter per one Litre of paint however the ratio depends on preference, do a patch test to confirm your desired look!
(remember to clean the wall with mild detergent and warm water)

paint stroke
glitter wall

Buff! Use Hemway's buffing pads gently over the dry wall to maximise the glistening shine. This step makes a huge sparkling difference!(When Buffing, move the pad in a circular motion)

Top Tips!
• Start in the corner. By starting in the corner you can track the places you have painted, keeping the sparkle and look consistent.
• Non-toxic & child safe. Illuminate your children's bedroom and let their imagination run wild in a magical glitter kingdom, with no worries with it being harmful.
• Sparkles! Hemway’s recommended Mixing Max ratio is 100g of Glitter per 1 Litres of paint however feel free to add even more for an extra sparkly look. There’s no such thing as too much with glitter!