How to bring your tired walls to life in 3 simple steps👇...

Starting at £9.95, our glitter paint additive is an easy and inexpensive way of bringing a bit of bling to a bland room. Check out how below.


Pour Hemway Glitter Paint Additive into our Hemway Chalk Paint or any other water based paint. Choose from 42 glitter colours and a selection of 24 amazing paint colours.


Next, roll the paint onto your wall. The glitter’s non-fade and colourfast technology makes it suitable for any room in the house.


Buff your wall with Hemway’s buffing pad. Did you know buffing hugely maximises the sparkle!

 Top Tips-

1. Clean your wall first. Use a mild detergent and warm water to clean the wall of any dirt and grime to create a smooth surface for the glitter. 

2. Do a patch test. Hemway's recommended Mixing Max ratio is 100g of Glitter per 1 Litres of emulsion paint. However, the mixing ratio can depend on preference. Anyone looking for an extra sparkly look, may add more glitter to the paint. Doing a patch test, before carrying out the whole project, means you can achieve your desired look.

3. Mix. Painting can be a slow job, during this time, the glitter may drop to the bottom the the paint, leaving you with an uneven sparkle across your wall. Make sure to continuously mix the paint to avoid this from happening. 

4. Start in the corner. By starting in the corner, you can track the places you have painted, keeping the sparkle and look consistent.

5. Buff! Use Hemway's buffing pads to gently go over the dry wall in circular motions and watch your wall glow. Buffing releases a smattering of thousands of beautiful crystals by knocking the head of paint from the glitter. This step makes a huge difference.

6. Keep covered. Sometimes, glitter has a tendency to get in random places, especially when painting an entire wall. Use paint coveralls, old towels, newspaper, to keep and mess from the paint to a minimal. 

7. Non-fade technology. You're left with full confidence that your chosen colour of the glitter does not change overtime. Paint your bathroom and kitchen walls without without heat and dampness factors having any effect on your wall. 

8. Non-toxic & Child safe. Enlighten your children's bedroom and let their imagination run wild in a magical glitter kingdom, with no worries with it being harmful.