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Peacock Blue Paint + Gold Holographic Glitter 🌟🌟🌟

Welcome to our glitter paint blog! Here we share our favourite combinations of paint and glitter. After all.. we have over 3,000 different possible combinations! Every week we'll share our favourite combo, but don't hesitate to contact us or drop a comment for some requests! 

Product used --> Peacock Blue Paint & Gold Holographic Glitter

Why We Love this Combo...

Peacock Blue has such a fantastic, modern quality to it. This finish is perfect for shutters and doors for your cottage in the south of France (If you have one there!). Our Peacock Blue paint is a perfect blend of bright and faded blue greens with a touch of turquoise. This colour goes great in a modern style home, and the gold holographic sparkles from the glitter just give it more of a wow effect!  

Our Glitter Paint is Versatile

Our glitter paint is super versatile. It looks amazing on walls, but you can also use this for furniture and wooden accessories! The chalk paint gives you a classic, smooth touch, which looks great when restoring old pieces of furniture, especially if you're wanting a rustic, vintage or shabby-chic look.


Glitter Paint

Try it Out!

Don't take our word for it, go try it out yourself! Send us your pics and videos of the results - we'd love to see! 


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